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1.99 usd

* Game Introduction‘D.N.Age’ features a DNA system that will open your eyes to a new, never-before-seen world of monster merging. Improve the DNA of your monsters to create stronger specimens and form a party to complete quests! Furthermore, countless quests and other fun elements such as customizing your assistant are also available.* StoryYou awake on an unknown place – which turns out to be another world! Open the Dimension Gate once more to return to your own world!
* Features1. Instead of tiresome level-ups, enhancements and boring growth systems, experience a new method of improving your creature’s DNA.2. Numerous customization for your assistant(hairstyle, clothing and dye change).3. 140+ exploration stages.4. 25 types of unique monsters.5. 180+ quests of various types.6. No push messages!.7. Network connection not required.
* Notes1. Deleting this application will also remove all in-game data and cannot be restored again.2. Approximately 50MB of basic hardware space and 15MB of additional space required.3. The initial run of the game will take some time due to installation of additional files. Depending on your device, a black screen may persist for some time.4. Language support: Korean, Japanese and English.